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Is the Seychelles Only a Place for Millionaires?

Most people have heard about the Seychelles, but many of these believe it is only a destination for the rich and famous. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that many celebrities and those who are extremely wealthy choose the country for their holidays. However, the reality is that the Seychelles is for everyone; with the cheaper air fares of today, this stunning part of the world has become much more accessible to ‘regular’ people.

Is the Seychelles Really an Affordable Though?

If you have always dreamed of going to somewhere like the Seychelles but always thought you would need a lottery win to do so, think again. With the advent of all-inclusive Seychelles holidays, you too could soon be holidaying like the rich and famous. All-inclusive is a great way to budget as you can pay for your entire holiday before you go. This means that you do not have to worry about taking spending money with you unless you want to. An all-inclusive Seychelles holiday means paying for flights, accommodation, food, and drink before even heading to the airport. All you would really need is money for food and drink at the airport. That being said, many people do like to bring extra cash with them when they travel to places such as the Seychelles as it allows them to explore their destination and not needing to spend the entire holiday in the resort.

Why All-Inclusive Holidays are Great for Families

If you are travelling with a young family, all-inclusive holidays are ideal. Most resorts include snacks as part of their all-inclusive package, which means there will always be food available – almost a necessity when kids are part of the equation! In some resorts, ice-cream, pancakes, and other sweet treats are available throughout the day. Nevertheless, if you are going to holiday in the Seychelles with young children, it is probably best to choose a resort that caters for youngsters (as many do not). These resorts often offer babysitting services as well as child-friendly menus. They also provide entertainment staff to keep the kids occupied during the day, allowing parents a much-needed break. In addition, most child-friendly resorts have indoor or outdoor play equipment as well as puzzles and board games. Some will even have a games room for older children and teenagers, ensuring everyone has a holiday to remember. As the sea around the Seychelles is teaming with life, activities such as snorkelling are popular. Indeed, individuals of all ages can enjoy some of the most spectacular marine life while snorkelling in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. To this end, most resorts also offer water sports, most of which will include activities such as canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing, and parasailing. There really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Booking a Seychelles Holiday

The Seychelles is most certainly not a place just for millionaires, despite what many people believe. If you have always wanted to visit this stunning tropical location, call us now at Seychelles Holidays Direct. We can provide information on this wonderful part of the world as well as competitive quotes on all-inclusive Seychelles holiday. Call today to find out more.